I am passionate about entrepreneurship, technology and innovation, among others. Award-winning creative professional with 13+ years of design & marketing experience for start-ups. agencies and Fortune 100 companies alike. My experiences and education have bolstered my inquisitive nature while integrating principles of multiple disciplines in my process. My experience has given me great perspective on how to work effectively in any role.

“Grateful to have Marcello’s valuable insight. When I bought up remuneration, Marcello’s response? “Whatever you guys decide, I’m just happy to support such a great idea. It’s also great you guys have focused on building the product first and not just rushed in with a whitepaper.” That is TRUE value to a start-up - someone who believes in your vision. ”

-Andre voisin, CEO Bubbled.io

"When the deadline is fast approaching and the client needs impressing, Marcello is your man. I've been consistently blown away by his ability to quickly produce quality visuals and layouts. I found that collaborating with Marcello was always easy. He's extremely versatile and open to direction, and he's always willing to push the envelope."

Courtney Abud , Senior Copywriter at SapientRazorfish

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